“Figuring out how to organize your marketing stack is almost like putting together a 1,000 piece blank jigsaw puzzle — impossible.”    TechCrunch 2017

We'll solve the puzzle for you.

Stakt is a full-service advertising agency with specialized services for small businesses. We'd love the opportunity to discuss your Marketing Stack.

Let's talk stacks...

Message. Media. Metrics.

ME3 by Stakt is a wonderfully simplified advertising planning tool. It’s a process that helps your small businesses make informed decisions when faced with never-ending sales calls and emails from newspapers, magazines, search engines, social media, sponsorships, and other advertising tactics. There are so many options it can be overwhelming and real money can be wasted by applying the wrong media needed to reach your audience. 
As Stakt guides you through this process, it will become clear where you should be advertising, what you should be saying on those advertisements, and how you can monitor the results for a positive Return on Ad Spend. 

Fully Stakt

Stakt focuses on helping our clients define and execute the right mix of marketing tactics to reach their client audiences. The following is an overview of Stakt services.

Research and Strategy
Stakt develops goal-based, trackable, strategies for websites, advertising campaigns, and annual marketing plans.  In addition, Stakt can help evaluate the performance of your current activities and assets such as websites and search engine marketing. 

Website Development
Stakt offers three levels of Website Development:

Stakt Startup: Starting at $1,500, Stakt Startup websites are developed to get your message out quickly while still including a custom design.

Stakt & Wordpress: Wordpress is an extensive, open source, website platform and Content Management System. Stakt custom Wordpress developments are the go to for most growing small businesses.

Stakt Enterprise: Stakt Enterprise is a tailored development process for large scale or high traffic websites.
Creative Design & Messaging
Well beyond the traditional graphic design areas, like logos, tag lines and campaign themes, Stakt adds original thought to the core components of planning, strategy and competitive positioning. The resulting strategy influences the design of all related materials from print, web, identity and campaign development. 

Printed Materials
Business cards, brochures, product slicks, trade show materials, flyers, signs... if it can be printed, we can design it. 

Identity Development
The right name, logo, tag line, and elevator pitch can make all the difference for a start-up business. Stakt offers a wide-range of identity services for a wide range of budgets. 

Performance Analysis
Tracking website and advertising performance for on-going improvement is what makes or breaks your Marketing Stack. 

Advertising Services
Stakt offers a blend of traditional and digital advertising: 

Search Engine Marketing:  Search Engine usage is found in nearly every consumer’s buying cycle for any purchase, online or brick and mortar. It’s the bedrock of online advertising. As such, it's natural that Stakt has a department dedicated to Search Engine Marketing. 

Display:  Display, or banner ads, are an effective form of building awareness for a business, product or promotion. Stakt offers contextual, retargeting and remarketing. 

Traditional: Stakt offers design and placement of traditional advertisements: newspaper, magazine, billboards, and sponsorships. 

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